Top Four Posts of 2018

Top Four Posts of 2018.jpg

I started this blog in May of 2018, about four months after Taylor was diagnosed with PURA Syndrome, a rare genetic condition affecting approximately 200 individuals worldwide. I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do with it at the time, but I knew I wanted a way to quickly update the many people who are very interested in Taylor’s life, and also wanted to bring awareness to my daughter’s condition and other rare diseases. I had hoped that someone might stumble upon this blog and find it helpful or inspiring, but never really thought very many people would read it. There have been a few posts that seem to have resonated with our followers and have stood out among the rest. Here is a round-up of Tough Like Taylor’s most read posts of the year:

#4 Coincidence or Sublime Plan

This was one of my favorite posts to write. The way things came together in the purchase of our new home was nothing short of divine. We are so fortunate to have a space that will work for Taylor as she continues to grow and develop.


#3 Taylor’s Story

This was my very first blog post and gives a little peek at what life was like with Taylor prior to receiving the diagnosis of PURA Syndrome.


#2 Six Tips For Talking With Your Child About Disabilities

I was pleasantly surprised at how many people were interested in and read this blog post. It seems many people are looking for helpful tips on how to educate their children on disabilities, as well as how to encourage and help their children to engage meaningfully with those that may be different from themselves.


#1 Loss of a Life Imagined: Grief and Chronic Sorrow

This one blew me away! It was read over 4,000 times! It’s not like I have a large following over here so this post definitely takes the #1 spot. Many families affected by PURA Syndrome contributed personal examples of how they have been affected by chronic sorrow and grief and helped share this post across social media.


That’s a wrap for 2018! We can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring!