Standing and Walking: Our Favorite Toys for Encouraging Gross Motor Development

Last, but not least, here is a list of some of our favorite toys to promote standing and walking. Check out some of our other recommendations to encourage tummy time, sitting, and crawling.

Taylor did NOT enjoy standing for a long time. I think she felt extremely unstable and she tends to be a bit cautious in general These particular toys kept her engaged and interested while in standing and really motivated her to be on her feet!

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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumparoo

We love the jumparoo! It has several adjustable heights which grow with your little one and the seat can swivel around so your child can access the different stations on the jumparoo. I really like how easy it is to activate the different components on the jumparoo. Taylor could easily propel herself up and down and could swat or spin at the different components and get instant feedback with different lights, sounds, and textures. The little animals hanging up above were particularly enticing. Taylor would push through her legs while trying to grab at the little frog and parrot dangling up above!


Baby Einstein Discovering Music Activity Table

We had an old/hand-me-down activity table that I was not able to find online, but an activity table provides a great spot for little ones to pull up to stand and explore. This particular table plays great music and is easy to activate. The legs are removable so this toy can be used during tummy time and sitting as well.


VTech Stroll and Discover Walker

What’s not to love about the VTech Stroll and Discover Walker? The face of this walker can be removed which makes it a fun option for tummy time, and the angle of the face when connected to the walker lends itself perfectly to a little one who has just learned to sit. But, when they are ready, it is the perfect height and weight to encourage little ones to pull up from sitting to standing and eventually take some assisted steps. This is a “busy” toy. There are a lot of components and functions, but I also love all of the different options for fine motor exploration. Kiddos can learn how to answer the telephone, manipulate puzzle shapes, press buttons and keys, spin, and play peekaboo with the little barn door.


Sand and Water Table

We never owned a sand and water table, but Taylor’s aunt had one at her house, and it was a big hit. Taylor really enjoyed standing at the table, watching other kids playing in the sand and water, and all of the sensory play. PSA, if this is going inside (which I don’t recommend) or on the porch, do yourself a favor and buy some kinetic sand for the table….sooooo much easier to clean up!


We hope you have found some of these recommendations helpful! Let me know how you like some of these suggestions, or what toys are most motivating to your little one!